we are committed to six core values, which define both the way we work, and the way we evolve from the beginning of the creation of PARYAS.


We respect the most of nature and our land. We respect the heritage we leave to our children.


We strive daily to learn the tomato and our land increasingly, to evolve the way of production, always with respect in mind.


We learn from those who have something to teach us, and we are open to share our knowledge with anyone who asks for our help.

Continuous Improvement

It is based on our desire to do all the difference. We work to achieve common goals and act as a whole. We care about our people, and we invest in them and to their continuous improvement.


The gain us the satisfaction of the final users, but also the smiles on employee’ faces when they see their effort yield, when they see the seed becomes a tender sprout and eventually leaf, blossom and fruit.